Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Dear Reader,

A few days ago I went into the big city that is closest to where I live. There I went into a vintage store! All articles of clothing, jewelry, buttons, and shoes all belonged to the  early to mid 1900’s. As a lover of that era, you can imagine the delight that entered my heart as I stepped inside the store. I flipped through beautiful skirts and dresses, and did they ever know how to dress back then! Not finding anything that fit, I spotted a pair of 1940s burgundy heels with a small buckle to secure my foot inside. They were just my size and adorable so I just had to try them on. They were a perfect fit!

Later on I was thinking about who wore those shoes before me.Who else’s foot fit perfectly into the heels? Who was the woman whose shoes I now own? Was she a rich woman, or did her beau buy them for her with the little bit of spending money he had? Did she walk the streets of Paris at night with all the lights glowing around her? Did she go dancing in those shoes? I found it fun to go back in the past and think of all the things that woman could or would have done while wearing those shoes. I also felt a sense of longing to live in that era.

Now I have the enjoyment of wearing those 1940s heels. And one day if I don’t own them anymore and another girl has them in her closet, she may wonder the same thing as I have.



“Patience you must have my young Padawan”

As an extrovert patience is one of the hardest virtues to practice! I can’t speak for introverts but I think it is safe to say that patience is hard for extroverts. Most extroverts don’t sit back and wait for life to happen, we go out and seek what the world has in store for us. But sometimes when we really want something in life, and it isn’t something we can just go get, we have to wait. This waiting period is very difficult. An example of this is God’s will for you and what your purpose in life is (ie. vocation).

As we all know God doesn’t serve His will on a silver platter, we have to pray that we do God’s will and that we do it right. However when we want to get married and there just aren’t any prospects around, or you really want to join the convent or seminary but you just aren’t able to yet, having the patience to wait for that to happen can sometimes be the biggest cross you carry. Seriously though if God could just come down and point out who we are going to marry or what career we need to choose, that would be great! Think of how much easier life could be! But since that is not how it is we have to work towards our vocation. We need to have strength and patience to be able to carry our cross and fulfill what you must.

Patience also helps you have hope that your prayers will be answered. Don’t stop praying because you think God is ignoring you, keep going because you will eventually be answered even if it is not the way you want Him to answer. When you see something that can or will happen, but you have absolutely no control on making it happen, have hope that God knows the path you must take in order to get to that point. Do not despair that He has abandoned you, or think He has steered you in the wrong direction because it simply is not true! Our Lord will only give you what you can handle. If He didn’t think you would have the strength to persevere you wouldn’t be carrying that cross. Be patient with God’s plan and the crosses He permits you to carry, and you will have renewed strength to go on.


Pew Etiquette

When you walk into a church for Mass, you think you can just sit anywhere you feel like it. Well, you have another thing coming. Here are some points on pew etiquette:

  1. If you are a single person, or you just happen to be at Mass alone, and the Church is filling up quickly do not go and sit in a large pew. Pick a smaller pew on the side or rather sit in a pew that a few others have started to occupy.
  2. Almost every family has the pew they sit in every single Sunday. Do not go and sit in their pew before they arrive. This can cause a family to have to split up which means they won’t all be able to sit together.
  3. If it is your first time at a parish and you happen to sit in a pew or an area that a large family sits in you will be excused for sitting there. However, if you continue on at the parish and you simply refuse to take note that a particular family always sits there and you are taking up space, they will encircle you to try and push you out. Families like to sit together. It may be the only time of the week where they can all be together so do not, I repeat, do not be stubborn at obtaining a spot that has already been claimed.
  4. If there is a family with little children/a baby, and you happen to see an empty spot in the middle of the pew do not go and try to sit there. You will just be in the way. The parents may have to climb over you take the kids to the back if they are misbehaving, or need a diaper change.
  5. Lets say you go into the church for adoration and to do a holy hour. The church is empty so you can sit in any spot your heart desires. You kneel down and a few minutes later you hear the church door open. No big deal, another person just trying to be holy. Since the entire church is empty one would think that the person who walked in would go sit on the opposite side of the church…far away from  you. But no, they have to sit in the pew directly behind you! WHY?!  Don’t people want their space while they are doing a holy hour? Even if you don’t follow any of the other rules, please follow this one! No one likes it when you do this. Seriously though…DON’T!
  6. If you have sat down in the corner of a pew and someone comes up and also wants to sit in that pew, don’t make them climb over you, just move over.
  7. If you are at Easter Vigil and the first few pews say ‘Reserved’, don’t even think about trying to sit there. Clearly someone is going to become a Catholic and their family is going to want to be right there when it happens.

So the next time you walk into a church think more carefully of which pew you choose. Pew etiquette is a big deal, do not take it lightly.

Seeing the Good and Innocent

Before you read this, please note if you disagree with my opinions in this post do not comment or argue your different point of view. That is not the purpose of this post.

This previous week I took part in some controversial debates over social media. I almost never do this because it is futile arguing a position over the internet, merely because no one listens to anyone. If you haven’t heard already the LGBT wants to make the character Elsa from Frozen a lesbian. As a Catholic I was arguing against it. The three people I was debating became so illogical in their arguments that it wasn’t even worth it for me to continue. I ended it on a friendly note with no hard feelings. When it ended it made me think that young people in the secular world just cannot think for themselves. They thought it would be wrong to not push the LGBT on little kids who know nothing of the world and its ways: to take their innocence away from them. They only say what the media tells them. They allow the world to dictate their beliefs and I am sad for them.

The second controversial conversation all over the media was about Harambe the gorilla being killed in order to save a four year old’s life. To save a four year old’s life! Sure it is too bad that they shot the gorilla, but what has horrified me is that many people are saying the mother of the child is a terrible mother and that her son should be taken away form her. “RIP Harambe” is what lots of people are saying. First of all, it is an animal with a mortal soul. I think the child’s life out weighs the gorilla’s, but apparently not everyone seems to think so. What is even worse is that thousands of babies are aborted and no one seems to care.

Both these things made me think there was no goodness or innocence in this world. I shouldn’t be shocked when I hear things like these because crazy things happen in the world, but every time I am. With all of this, I was driving to my second job in the late afternoon and as I was driving along I spotted a doe with her two fawns. They were so tiny and adorable that  I had to pull over and take a picture! But then one of the fawns hopped away from its mother, and walked right up to me! It did not even hesitate to come up to me. It trusted me instead of fearing me. Such an innocent creature with only a worry of staying close to its mother did not realize the potential danger he might have faced when walking right up to me. After a few seconds it jumped away across the street back to its mother. When I got back into the car my heart was melted! It made me think yes there is still innocence and goodness left and even though it may be hard to see it is right in front of us. We just need to know where to look. I immediately thanked God for allowing me to experience that. He reassured me to keep having hope for this twisted world.


“Just show her a little swing”

Swing dancing – the dance of the 1920s- 1940s. If you have do not know what swing dancing looks like watch this Hooked on Swing Dancing. It is as much fun as it looks, I know because I went! This past time was the third time ever going and there are no regrets. In fact, I hope to make it a regular hobby.

This is not the first time I have been exposed to dancing. I took tap class with on of my sisters for a year. That was a lot of fun. If you have ever wanted to dance like Gene Kelly, I highly recommend taking lessons…even if you are an adult. Dancing comes fairly easy to me, but even if you think you have two left feet you should still not give up. Swing is a loose type of dance. It is not like ballroom where you must have excellent posture and a little bit stiff (don’t get me wrong I love ballroom) but almost less structured, if you know what I mean. Anyways when I went I had a blast! Before the dance floor opens up there is a 45 minute lesson, and at the lesson we learned the Charleston (type of move/dance in swing).

Speaking for all the follows it might be hard to not look at your feet and mimic your lead. However, if you just let go and allow the lead to actually lead you, you will find it easier and much more fun! In other words don’t overthink it. Leave it up to the lead to decide where you go. That being said, leads, you need to tell us what you want us to do..no not with words. I did dance with a couple of guys where I was thinking “um..what did you want me to do?”. But other leads I never had to guess, it just happened. When the lead is good, and the follow does what he wants, both parties will have a great time! If you have never tried swing dancing, or any dancing at all you should give it a shot.

For all you extroverts out there it is an enjoyable and sociable atmosphere. If you are reading this and you are an introvert and you want to work on getting out of your shell, then going out dancing will most certainly help you!


Reverence in God’s Presence

Last week Essie attended the Ordination to the Diaconate of three men (one of which she knows)  who go to the seminary of the diocese, which means it was a Novus Ordo liturgy. Upon arriving, the cathedral was not yet completely full. There was a bit of chatter but as the numbers increased there was continual hum of voices! Essie was kneeling and trying to pray before it all started but was so distracted by everyone else around her. Her question is: don’t they know where they are? Do they not know they are in the presence of Our Lord? That He is there Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity? She couldn’t understand why all the other Catholics weren’t praying as well? A church is a place of peace and tranquility and should not be treated as if we are at a social gathering. One does not go to Mass to talk with your pals, but to see God! It was rather upsetting.

The choir who sang for the diaconate was very beautiful. All the ordinaries of the Mass were in Latin (*big thumbs up!*), the processional and recessional hymns were nice, and at the Offertory, ‘Ave Maria’ was sung. Now for Communion…the most crucial part of the Mass, the entire reason why we attend, a violin started (not to mention it was out of tune). And then the strings of a guitar were strummed. And then a drum. The two songs that were sung were absolutely not liturgically approved! It was almost as if Essie was at a concert. She was so saddened by it. If she was saddened, she can’t imagine what Our Lord felt at that time. It was hard to focus on receiving Communion but she somehow blocked out the music. The weird thing is right after those two horrible songs, the choir sang ‘Sicut Cervus’ (one of Essie’s personal favourites!) What??! If you are going to sing beautiful music, sing it throughout the ENTIRE Mass, don’t break and sing something more “lively and entertaining”.  Accept for that one thing, the rest of the liturgy was rather nice; however, Essie is a huge advocate of the FSSP/Latin Mass.


Introduction to the Four Temperaments

Dear Reader,

The four temperaments,  choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic, are so interesting to learn about! Essie often has fun analyzing and observing other’s temperaments. What are these temperaments about? Each one has its own virtues and vices, and each person has a primary and secondary temperament. Since this is just an introduction, Essie will only be scratching the surface!

First we have the choleric-irascible and extrovert. Cholerics are known for being determined, driven, and bold. They are very capable and can do anything when they have set their mind to it. Cholerics will often speak their mind and do not run away from a fight. This shows their confidence and passion for what they think is right and good. They are natural born leaders: they like to do it their way and do not follow when they do not respect the one in charge. If a choleric is not in charge they will test the authority until the authority has proved to them that they are capable. If a choleric does respect the authority, they make for a very good follower. Since cholerics prefer to do things on their own, they become annoyed and impatient when someone is not “doing it properly”. This is a vice for a choleric for it shows they are prideful. Other vices include  being very stubborn, sometimes unfeeling towards others,  and pride. Overall cholerics are very ambitious and full of fire!

Next we have the phlegmatic! Oh phlegmatics!:) This temperament is the complete opposite of cholerics. It is also irascible, however it is in introvert. Phlegmatics are laid back, very rational, and can and like being sociable. They will take a long time to make a decision because they take in everything from all angles, and once they make up their minds, they are not easily swayed. Phlegmatics are slow moving and are prone to laziness and procrastination; however, they persevere in their work. They are usually constant in friendship (one of Essie’s best friends’ is a phlegmatic), and they are easy to talk too.  They are not easily exasperated by sufferings and trials. They remain calm, composed, and deliberate! They also have a pragmatic and practical judgement.

Now for the first emotional temperament-sanguine. Sanguines are talkative, fun, love to be in group settings, but are also impulsive, and can be very superficial. They will never say no to being the centre of attention or being introduced and having a nice chat with someone they have never met. Sanguines are not leaders..they follow, which can and cannot be a bad thing, depending on the situation or how shallow the sanguine is. They are out going and always ready for an adventure. If you want to go out and do things, take a sanguine..they will usually make everything more exciting! It was said earlier that sanguines can be superficial and shallow. This can be all too true! Since sanguines lie to themselves, they will actually believe that in the moment you are their best friend, or they will truly believe a thought they are having. But some time later they will honestly believe a thought that contradicts what they thought before. So watch out! Not all sanguines  are like this though. Some sanguines are like squirrels…they see something shiny so they go after it and when it bores them they ditch it and move on. Well enough about sanguines lets move on to the next emotional temperament.

Melancholic! The full on introvert and the second emotional temperament! Melancholics are very quiet in social settings…that is if they appear in social settings. It can be very hard to pull a melancholic out of their shell because they are so stubborn. If a melancholic has decided they do not want to do something, they will not budge simply because they do not want to do it…even though it make someone happy if they did it. Melancholics are not all bad…even though it may take awhile for them to let someone into their shell, that person is there forever. There forever until that person does something so terrible that the melancholic could not forget..then they will be pushed out forever. They are easily embarrassed, timid, and shy. They would rather play and work alone, and pay close attention to detail. Melancholics are prone to depression, and are prideful. Their pride is very different from that of a cholerics..they are very afraid of being humiliated and disgrace. This isn’t obvious because they are reserved which can come across as meek and humble. Because they are so internal, prayer comes easier to them then extroverts. Melancholics are prudent and trustworthy friends.

These descriptions of the temperaments are only the main points…there is so much more on temperaments. However one cannot be overly obsessed with them. If you pin someone at a temperament that shouldn’t be the final decision because a person can grow and change. Just because they are a certain temperament does not mean they will do everything that is exactly like that specific temperament. There will be more about temperaments in the future so stay tuned!


Dear Reader!

Essie is so  happy and excited you have stumbled across her blog – Essence of an Extrovert! On this blog you will find Essie’s life experiences, thoughts she had during the day,ideas or opinions on all things Catholic, life situations, and many other things. Like everything in life, being an extrovert has its ups and downs. But most of all it makes life so interesting!

Currently, Essie is a student taking an Agriculture Diploma. Se has completed her first year and is now working at a dairy farm making ice cream full time. She hopes to one day have her own farm..even if it is just a hobby farm. As she is still young and single, she hopes to go out and do many things with her life before God sends the right man or convent along.

Essie can’t wait to start this new blog journey with you, and remember “Life is a journey, not a destination”!